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Cool and collected Gaines ready for first NFL start Gaines is not the sort to
wholesale jerseys china crank up the iPod and bang his head against the locker during pregame. "No," he said, laughing. "I definitely won’t be having a concussion or anything like that. I just like to stay calm. I’m a relaxed type guy. I’m not really hooting and hollering or anything like that." And that’s just fine with Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. With Gaines, the rookie from Missouri, expected to make his first NFL start Sunday, Williams likes his cool head and calm demeanor. "If you guys focus on him during the game, you don’t ever see him get rattled," Williams told reporters Friday. "And that’s extremely important when you play the corner position. A lot of times we talk about how high strung a corner or wide receiver is. "That
cheap jerseys china can be good, but
authentic cheap jerseys you’ve also got to be able to keep your wits about you. has been very impressive in the games I’ve seen so far, on staying composed and doing what corners have

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